Kalka Shimla Trains

Kalka-shimla-railwayFormer summer capital of the Raj ‘Shimla’ is an significant tourist place visited in India. numerous visitors come here to relish snow for beating the heat in India from all over the world. Shimla government provides Kalka train to visitors. Kalka shimla trains is 2 ft 6in in narrow measure trains in North West India traveling mostly through mountainous route from Kalka to Shimla. It is a attractive view of high grounds and surrounding villages. The railway was assembled on a two foot measure by Delhi-Ambala-Kalka trains business begins in 1898.

Kalka-Shimla trains was built to connect Shimla, throughout British Raj. Shimla is now a capital city of Himachal Pradesh and Kalka is a village in Panchkula locality of Haryana. Awesome view along the entire path and the marvel of its building feels traveler to not proceed dwelling and stay here for life time. The path offers panoramic outlook of Himalayas from Shivalik base hills at Kalka to some significant points such as Dharampur, Solan, Kandaghat, Taradevi, Barog, Salogra, Totu, Summerhill and Shimla at an altitude of 2076 m. Most interesting thing is that all 20 intermediate positions are established right next to connections to take rest there.

In August mid 2007 government of Himachal Pradesh announced the trains a made-to-order property in groundwork for its reconsider in September.

City ‘Solan’ is passed on this route well known as mini Shimla. On September 11 2007 UNESCO team was on a visit to the railway to reconsider and examine the railway for possible assortment as ‘World Heritage Site’. Kalka Shimla trains was encompassed in UNESCO World Heritage List as a part of World Heritage Site Mountain trains of India on July 2008.


On Kalka Shimla Railway Track initially 107 tunnels were constructed. They were renumbered and four of them were turned down so only 103 were left. Tunnel number 46 was dismantled in 2006 so only 102 are in use. Tunnel number 103 is the last tunnel in Shimla and is still famous because it has become a well known breakthrough of the village.

Four premium services are available for travelers on Kalka Shimla part.

  • Deluxe Rail engine vehicle
  • The Shivalik Deluxe Express
  • The Shivalik Palace
  • The Shivalik ruler Tourist Coach

Shivalik Deluxe Express is a connecting service to Howrah Kalka posted letters for Shimla. For Deluxe Rail Motor vehicle and Shivalik Deluxe articulate fare is Rs. 340/- with serving of food at Barog railway position which is one of the scenic location.

Due to all such features of this attractive trains station, most of the visitors coming to Shimla prefer trains excursion, and so increases the demand for best star category and allowance ‘Hotels beside Shimla Railway Station’.